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Wastin' Away on Tatooine

Oh you’ll want to look away, but you won’t be able to. Yeah, someone took the time and made this Jimmy Buffet parody song. You know what it is. Tweet

Luke Is Still Learning

Luke Skywalker has a little trouble on that first lightsaber attempt. Tweet

Newspaper vs iPad

I work with a guy who insists newsprint will always be better than digital news. He must have seen this. Tweet

Happy Sunday Afternoon

Good afternoon, I hope the (insert favorite sports team here) won today. If not, here are a few things to cheer you up, before you go back to your miserable place of employment tomorrow. Tweet

Mad Men in the 70s

How long can this show go on? Will Don and Co. make it to the 70s? If so it might go something like this. Tweet

Exploding Politician

This guy says he wants to be the new Stark County treasurer. I think his only previous political experience is being president of the Steve Ballmer Fan Club. Tweet

Exploding Pony

I imagine the conversation prior to this bomb scare went something like this: “Ok guys, we have never used any of this bomb equipment, whattaya say we go blow up this pony in the park?” *cheers all around* Tweet