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"The Walking Dead"

Ah good, AMC is using all it’s Mad Men money to make another good show – WITH ZOMBIES! Tweet

Silent Star Wars

Oh the Internets is full of creative people. Here’s some “Star Wars” if it’d been done in the early 1900s. Tweet

"The Expendables" on Jimmy Kimmel

Well, look at that! Dolph Lundgren DOES have a sense of humor! Tweet


What do you get when you combine all the “CSI’s,” “NCIS’s,” and “SVU’s” into one awesome show? You get “NTSF:SD:SUV.” Tweet

Hulk in Bangladesh

I love watching other countries try to remake our classics. Normally they’re pretty awful, however this time, “HALKa” from Bangladesh, looks about as good as the two terrible attempts Hollywood made. Tweet

Blackstar Warrior

Someone spent some time coming up with this sweet exploitation-style Lando Calrissian movie trailer. Lando is a bad mother-SHUT YO MOUTH! Tweet

Every Lightsaber Ignition and Retraction

Because it’s a lazy Sunday, I’m being lazy. Here’s this. Tweet