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"Ghost Spiders"

Laugh if you like, but I could totally see this airing on SyFy. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. Tweet

Ron Livingston – Keyboard Cat

I haven’t a damn clue why actor, Ron Livingston (“Office Space”) is cosplaying Keyboard Cat, but this just made my day. Tweet

Dora the Explorer – Inception

Ok, so, I haven’t seen “Inception” yet, and I don’t watch “Dora the Explorer,” but this is probably funny on some level, right? Tweet

Swedish Chef Performs "Popcorn"

For your listening pleasure, Muppets and 70s electronica. Tweet

R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar of “American Splendor” fame has passed at the age of 70. Here he is losing his mind on Letterman. Tweet

Cardboard Guns

This might be the best gunfight scene I’ve ever seen, and they’re not even using real guns! Tweet

Enter the Drunken Sandman

If you’re a really crappy Metallica cover band, here’s a tip for you: it’s a good idea to have a really drunk woman around to take the embarrassment away from you’re inability to play music. Tweet

Fans Love "The Last Airbender"

Thinking about going to see M. Night Shyamalamalamalamammamannamalmalnaalalnan’s latest flick, “The Last Airbender?” You may wanna hear what these folks have to say first. Tweet