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Total Eclipse of the Talent

Here we see William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun, on the George Lopez show. Tweet

Barbershop Ewok Celebration Song

You know the one. The one from the end of ‘Jedi.’ Now hear it in barbershop glory! Tweet

Nobody Puts Iron Man in a Corner

Iron Man must be making his rounds. Here we see him turning up in this “Dirty Dancing” scene. Tweet

Lionel Richie on Helium

Feeling down? This will fix everything in your life. Tweet

Lando Gets It On

This one pretty much speaks for itself. By the way, I did mention I was posting awesome stuff today, right? Tweet

Puss in Boots

Here’s this, because I’m in the mood for posting really awesome stuff today. Enjoy. Tweet


I think I just added this to my “Must See” list for 2010. The acting! The plot! The production value! The effects! If this movie’s budget was over $25, I’d be shocked. Tweet

Happy Easter – Muppet Style

OK, so maybe a Muppet singing “Stand By Me” isn’t exactly Easterly, but look, it’s got a Bunnymonster eating regular bunnies. This is as good as it gets, folks! Tweet