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Galactic Empire State of Mind

College Humor must have spent their year long budget on this one. Tweet

Here. Have this Teddy Bear Thing.

Christmas comes early for you, my dear readers. Enjoy … this. Tweet

Pee Wee Gets an iPad

It’s good to see the old gang of Pee Wee’s Playhouse get together to rag on the iPad. Tweet


Oh if ONLY they would make a movie of Weird Al’s life! Tweet

Hugo, Cat of 1000 Faces

We probably could have come up with something better for St. Patrick’s day, but hey.. we might be drunk already. Here’s this. Tweet

Sandra Bullock Accepts Her Award

As many of you know, Sandra Bullock was the big winner the other day. You may have missed her acceptance speech, so here you go – Sandra Bullock accepting her Razzie award for Worst Actress in a film. Tweet

Alternate 'LOST'

Been staying up late at night wondering what ‘LOST’ might look like if it fell into the hands of David Hasselhoff? Wonder no more! Tweet

Welcome Back, Jay

As you all know, Jay Leno is back to the Tonight Show. Here’s a little insight on how they pick their studio audience for the show. Tweet