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Tim Burton's Weekend at Bernie's

Yeah you can figure it out. This is what ‘Bernie’s’ would look like if done by Tim Burton. Tweet

My Little Pony Live

First of all, I don’t remember My Little Ponies being so serious. There are some serious issues going on with these ponies. Second, I am not responsible for the 10 minutes of life wasted if you actually sit through this entire video. Tweet

Autotune the News

Every time I think autotune has reached its peak, something more awesome comes around. Two words: Turtle. Fence. Tweet

Dancin' Predators

And now, because there’s nothing else to watch, as NBC is just now getting around to airing the 2002 Olympics, here is a video of some dancing Predators. Tweet

Smurfadelic, Man

Drugs are bad, but they might help you get through this little gem. Tweet

'Lost' in the '60s

Oh, Internetters, you’re so creative. Here we have, what appears to be, the opening credits of ‘Lost’ if it had been made in the ’60s. Tweet

For No Good Reason…

… here is this. You’re welcome. Tweet

Wes Anderson's 'Spiderman'

If Wes Anderson directed ‘Spiderman,’ I figure it’d be really close to this guy’s vision. I’d watch it. Sure. Tweet

iPad and Nachos

Don’t ask me how you make the leap from iPad to nachos, but the song is rather catchy. Tweet