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So Long 2009

Jib-Jab’s annual salute to the past year. Here’s to 2009. (Don’t let the door hit you on the way out) Try JibJab Sendables┬« eCards today! Tweet

"Battlestar Rhapsody"

Here’s your frakkin’ geek fix of the day. Tweet

The Hawaii Chair

Oh, what will the world come up with next? I’m pretty sure this started out as some twisted sex contraption in someone’s basement somewhere. (Thanks Kewe) Tweet

Darth Vader's Secret Talent

You thought you knew everything about Darth Vader, what with all the prequel nonsense. Did you know he had a musical talent? It’s TRUE! The internet wouldn’t lie, would it? Tweet

Rage Against the Christmas Lights

This really makes Christmas rock. Or makes me believe someone has too much time on their hands. Tweet

Top 10 Things – Avatar Version

Letterman brings us the Top Ten Things Overheard in Line for ‘Avatar.’ It’s mildly funny. I guess the holidays make us all lazy. Tweet

Epic Movie Trailer

Here’s a mashup of every major action flick this year. Pretty nicely done trailer. I’d watch this movie. Tweet