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Punk Rock Dinosaurs

You know, the problem with bands today is that they don’t have nearly enough punk rock dinosaurs. Pretty much everything about this video is awesomely outrageous. Tweet

Tiffani Thiessen is Busy

I’m guessing I’m not the only one wondering why Tiffani Thiessen hasn’t turned up on the Jimmy Fallon show for the ‘Saved By the Bell’ reunion. Here she addresses why that is. Tiffani Thiessen is Busy from Tiffani Thiessen Tweet

Hand Draw Block Letters

You’ve probably seen this movie… everywhere. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. Tweet

Shatner Does Palin

William Shatner turned up on Conan last night to recite Sarah Palin’s nonsensical farewell speech. Let the laughs commence. Tweet

Alan Thicke Has a Message

Alan Thicke and a few of his friends want to talk to you about why Mom and Dad are splitting up. Don’t ask me where this stuff comes from. I just pass it on to you. You can thank me later. Tweet

Mind Blowing Interview With Danny DeVito

Apparently Danny has a new website he’s pimping at ComicCon. This interview is .. well… yeah, you’ll see. Tweet

Happy Moon Landing Day!

Some people think the moon landing was a hoax. You make the call! Tweet

Meat Loaf Loves A.1.

How did this partnership not happen sooner? Tweet

M.C. Darth Hammer

Yeah, yeah, I could dance like that too if I was more machine than man. Tweet

Celine Dion as Michael Jackson

It really doesn’t get much worse than this, folks. Fortunately, whoever posted this, did us a favor by cutting it down to 30 seconds. Tweet