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Leno Bloopers

As we get ready to say goodbye to Jay Leno, (only to say hello to him again an hour earlier) let’s take a look at the few funny moments he’s had over the past 17 years. They’re all right here in this 5 minute clip. Tweet

Keyboard Cat vs Colbert

Oh Keyboard Cat. You’re so famous you’re on the Daily Show now! Don’t konw Keyboard Cat? Check out a couple videos, as well as his mention Comedy Central. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c Daily/Colbert – Keyboard Cat Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis Political Humor Tweet

"V" Returns on ABC

Some of you might remember the mouse eating aliens of “V” from the 80s. Well they’re coming back, this fall on ABC. Hopefully someone dug up Marc Singer for a cameo. Here’s a snippet of what to expect. Tweet

"The Dark Knight" – 60s Style

What would the Batman movies be like if they were done 1960s style? Something like this. I miss makeup over mustaches. Watch The Dark Knight: 1960s Version on CollegeHumor Tweet

Jack Nicholson on The Joker

Jack Nicholson talks about being the Joker in the 1989 Batman movie. Part of the big 20th anniversary release of the flick. Sheesh. 20 years. Tweet

Super Nerdtastical!

Wow, I didn’t get through this whole video because the nerd level is astronomical. But here we have Spock and Q reading off some script at what appears to be some sort of convention. Wow. Tweet

Fratello Metallo

He’s a monk, and he opened the “Gods of Metal” festival. Something ironic there, I’m sure. Check out Cesare Bonizz in this Reuters report. Tweet

Real Life Wolverine

His claws may not be part of his adamantium skeleton, but this guy can TOTALLY kill a cardboard box. Homemade Real Wolverine Like Claws X-Men – The top video clips of the week are here Tweet

The Onion Reports on 'Star Trek'

Those geniuses of satire over at The Onion bring us this report on the new ‘Star Trek’ movie. (Which opens tomorrow, in case you haven’t marked the star date on your galactic calendar.) Tweet

"Put That Cookie DOOOWWWWN!"

There really aren’t enough ridiculous clips from “Jingle All The Way” out there. Stick with this remix of Ah-nahld and Phil Hartman, it gets pretty good. Tweet