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'Dallas' Meets 'Star Wars'

This is what you get on a super slow day, folks. Tweet

Worst Robot Sword Fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your Thursday afternoon viewing pleasure.. without further adieu… I give you.. The Worst Robot Sword Fight.. EVER! Tweet

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

Because I like stop-motion videos and toys. Tweet

Never Forget Spacebat

When the Space Shuttle Discovery launched into orbit last week, it had an extra passenger – a bat. The bat was stuck to the side of one of the fuel rockets, and became the first bat in space. And then it died. Now the memory of Spacebat lives on in our hearts and minds. (also […]

Statler and Waldorf On Jimmy Fallon

Jason Segal is interrupted during his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show by some Muppets. If you’re like me, this is the most you’ve seen of the Jimmy Fallon show. Tweet

OctoMom Birthing Video

Jimmy Kimmel Live brings us this never-before-seen video clip of the OctoMom giving birth. Tweet

If "Watchmen" Was an 80s Cartoon

Well I went to see the new ‘Watchmen’ movie. Did you? What if it was a cartoon in the 80s? It’d go like this: Tweet

Vanilla Ice Is Sorry

In this video Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice apologizes for his song, style and lifestyle in the early 90s. I have trouble buying it, due to the fact that he’s still wearing his hat cockeyed, securing his status as a Class A douchebag. Oh who am I kidding? I bought the tape back then. […]