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Mel Gibson as "The Colonel"

Mel Gibson is funny…when he’s not spouting drunken racial slurs. Here’s a fake movie trailer he did for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Tweet

Oscars: Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix

Oh wait, i take back what I said in that other post. THIS was the best part of the show: Tweet

2009 Oscars

So the Oscars happened. Did you watch? I did. I didn’t live blog or even round up photos for you to look at. (You can see those here.) While this year’s set was all fancy and shiny, I found middle hour and a half of the show really dull. Perhaps it was the lack of […]

The People vs George Lucas

So someone finally put together a film about how we all feel concerning George Lucas destroying our childhood. I hope whoever made this film comes back to it in 20 years and makes a special edition. Tweet

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

Letterman gets all the weirdos, I tell you. Evidentally, Joaquin Phoenix was inspired by the likes of Andy Kaufman, and Crispin Glover, when he (sort of) appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. Awkward. But FUNNY! And a couple other awkward Letterman guests. Tweet

LOL Catz Theme Song

I’m sorry. Soooo sorry. Tweet

Chad After Dentist

Some of you may have seen the doped up kid in the van after his visit to the dentist, now we get to see Chad Vader in a similar situation. It made me lawl. Tweet

Batman Gets PWNED!

Yeah, so Batman might be good at fighting REAL crime, but not so great when it comes to video games. Tweet

"It's A Trap!"

Admiral Ackbar commentates on some of our favorite movies. Tweet

Mc Hammer and Ed McMahon Super Bowl Commercial

So there was some sports event on last night… the something Bowl. I dunno. But it had a buncha great commercials. This one with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon for was my favorite. See, its funny because they’re both famous cases of going broke, and they’re hocking their crap for gold. Get it? Tweet