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'Blade Runner 2' …?

The year is 2080. Your grand children are sitting around smoking polycarbonite cigarettes and drinking coffee from flying robot cups, while floating through the night sky on Lifto-Brand Couches. Then one of them will say “Did you know back in the early 2000s, before the Great LSD Water Tainting of 2032, everyone was stuck watching […]

"Head of Skate" (Get Ready, it COULD Happen)

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. Tweet

The Dark Bailout

From one Joker to another. Tweet

Ukulele Orchestra Does "Shaft"

I was just sitting here thinking “What would the theme from Shaft sound like if it was all done with ukuleles?” Thank you YouTube, you giver and taker of all that is good and wonderful! Tweet

Same As It Ever Was

Another trailer for Olivers Stone’s “W.” has emerged. Its starting to look more and more like a comedy. Which is probably accurate. Tweet

Letterman Peeved at McCain

Not only did John McCain suspend his campaign yesterday, he also canceled on David Letterman. Here you can see how thrilled Dave was about that. I love that he got Keith Olbermann to fill in, probably out of spite. The two of them have a good time ragging on McCain. Tweet

So Cute You'll Puke

This video is so sweet it gave me diabetes just watching it. Its like ‘Bambi’ for realz yo. Tweet

No Heroics

Just another average day in the world full of superheroes. Coming soon to ITV. I don’t know what ITV is, but this trailer for “No Heroics” looks pretty good. Tweet

Barack to Linds: "No Thanks"

It seems Hollywood’s latest “Anne-Heche-Lesbian,”  offered to host a series of Obama related events in support of his run for the White House. Howver, the Obama-Biden camp kindly declined the offer. …a top source in the Barack Obama team tells me the actress ”is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a […]