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The Dork Knight

There’s always going to be a neverending stream of nerd fan films, but this spoof of the Dark Knight trailer is pretty funny. Tweet

New 'Harry Potter' Trailer

ATTENTION nerdlingers! The trailer for the new Harry Potter movie is on the internets! Check it out, I think its called Harry Potter and the Lord of the Sith Who Search for Spock or something. Tweet

Earthquake in the Courtroom

Judge Judy charges yesterday’s earthquake with contempt of court, after it shakes her set like the bridge of the Enterprise under Klingon attack, sending her running out the door. Meanwhile the defendant and plaintiff remain glued to the floor under the shaking stage lights. LETS HAVE A LOOK! Tweet

Oliver Stone's 'W'

In case eight years of George W. Bush weren’t enough for you, you can now look forward to the Oliver Stone movie about his life. Its cleverly called W. I’m not too sure about the casting here, however. They shoulda got that guy from That’s My Bush to play W, and really.. James Cromwell as […]

'RoboCop' Making a Comeback

Due to the overwhelming success of Robocop 3, MGM execs seem to think a fourth film would be a good idea. Darren Aronofsky has signed on to direct and David Self is penning a new installment about the hero whose tagline is “part man, part machine and all cop.” “RoboCop,” which is being fast-tracked for […]

'Rocky Horror' Horror.

Lets the Time Warp again. Yeah, MTV is bringing us a remake of the all time classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Apparently the first one wasn’t good enough. Its all but forgotten, you know? I mean, its not like people get dressed up and act it out every Friday night somewhere in the country or […]

Can I Get a Chair? – Watch more free videos Tweet

Sherri Shepherd Has Abortions The Way Most People Have Haircuts

The View’s Sherri Shepherd told Christian magazine, Precious Times, that she has had “more abortions than I can count” during her twenties. Today on the show, she wanted to let everyone know that the above quote was taken totally out of context. Turns out by “out of context” she meant sure, she had a ton […]

Amy Winehouse is Waxy

Amy Winehouse has been turned to wax over at Madame Tussauds over in London. Just in time too, as you never know when she might drop dead these days. Tweet

Tom Cruise in Talks For 'Top Gun II'

After consulting with the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise has decided its time for Top Gun II. Cruise, 46, is in talks with studio bosses to reprise his role as Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in a long-awaited follow-up. An insider tells The Sun: ‘The idea is Maverick is at the Top Gun school […]