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Verne Troyer Sex Tape!

Thats right. Mini-Me shows his mini Mini-Me on camera, with his former girlfriend, who appears to be some kind of Amy Winehouse impersonator. Extra gross. Yes, that’s Mini-Me Verne Troyer in a sex tape shot with his former live-in girlfriend at the couple’s apartment. A third party has snatched up the tape and although no […]

Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson

I don’t know about you, but seeing Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson together makes me fell all … high. Here’s the “My Medicine” video from Snoop’s latest. Tweet

What's Happening

Hey, M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie doesn’t look so bad after all! M. Night Shyamalan’s What’s Happening! on Tweet

Amy Winehouse Siting

Here we have the wild Winehouse in its natural habitat. This particular Winehouse was spotted hiding in the bushes outside the local medical clinic, where it was previously seen scrounging for used needles which it will use for various intravenous narcotics. Tweet

Porn Star Peter North Has Blog, Hangs w/ Fuzzy-Faced People

Canadian porn legend Peter North not only bangs tons of chicks on film, owns a Ferrari, and apparently works out a lot, but he also has an online journal. However, it appears to be more like a photo album of himself and strange mud-faced people from the planet Smudgetron-6, rather than journal entries. Why on […]

Real Life 'Facebook'

So true. (thanks Miss Something for that one.) Tweet

Bo Diddley Dies

Bo Diddley, the musical pioneer whose songs, such as “Who Do You Love?” and “Bo Diddley,” melded rhythm and blues and rock ‘n’ roll through a distinctive thumping beat, has died. He was 79. Diddley died Monday, surrounded by family and loved ones at his home in Archer, Florida, a family spokeswoman said. The cause […]

'Plan 9 From Outter Space' Remake Coming Soon

Why can’t they just leave the classics alone!? Joining the onslaught of movie remakes, is Ed Wood’s classic Plan 9 From Outter Space. Now, in time to coincide with the 50th anniversary of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, director John Johnson – along with his production company, Darkstone Entertainment – is poised to remake the […]