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Bumblebee Vs. Optimus Prime

Who woulda thought the little guy could take down the leader of the Autobots. Cool little stop action video. – Watch more free videos Tweet

Gilligan's Planet

Wait, what? This actually existed? And with all the original cast? Holy crap, why haven’t I heard of it before!? I’m totally questioning all of existence right now. Tweet

High Tech Noon

I’m not generally big on adding special effects to old movies. I mean, we all know what a nightmare it was when George Lucas did that to the original Trilogy. But I have to admit, I actually enjoyed this one! Tweet

Celebrity Deathwatch – Tony Curtis

You’ll remember Tony Curtis from such movie classics as Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe, and .. um… er.. Lobsterman From Mars .. and.. uh.. The Bad News Bears Go to Japan. Mostly you know Tony Curtis as the father of Jamie Lee Curtis. This June, Tony will be a mere 83 years young! […]

Save McLovin

“The Mclovin’ Fund” with Kristen Bell and Christopher Mintz-Plasse on Tweet

Joanie is Scary.

Remember Erin Moran, aka Joanie from Happy Days? Well, I guess she ate some of what I like to call, “Busey Pills,” because she apparently has lost her marbles on Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. Right after this scene was when she tipped off the head of Dimension Films about remaking the Short Circuit movie. […]

Johnny 5 Is (Still) Alive!

You know, it was just the other day I was sitting around having tea with my sister’s “My Little Pony” collection when Minty turned to Butterscotch and said “They really aught to remake that Short Circuit movie from the 80s.” We all raised our plastic cups, and toasted to what a grand idea that would […]

Carry On My Wayward Son

Ok, so I know its been a few days since anything new has been posted here. Rather than sitting here making up excuses, how’s about I just get back into it with a little rock’n’roll… from a little Japanese girl. Seriously, don’t stop it after the first five seconds, its pretty amazing. Tweet