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Some Things You Just Can't Explain.

Click here and see for yourself! (and if you don’t get it, go here.) Tweet

Dr Pepper Wants a New GNR Album

The folks at Dr. Pepper must be big fans of Guns ‘n’ Roses, as they’ve offered to give everyone a free drink if Axl actually puts out the long long long awaited Chinese Democracy album this year. “It took a little patience to perfect Dr Pepper’s special mix of 23 ingredients, which our fans have […]

'X-Files 2' Trailer (sorta)

I have to admit, I’m kind of excited about the upcoming X-Files sequel which is due out July 25th. Mulder and Scully return with raggedy-haired Billy Connolly to .. um.. well.. it appears walk around in the snow. Enjoy this crappy bootleg of the trailer. Tweet

Music Idol is 'Bad'

If American Idol was more like “Music Idol” I might be more inclined to watch. Maybe I’m just living in the wrong country. Tweet

'Urkel' Raps

And now a video of Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel, rapping. Enjoy. Tweet

Celebrity Deathwatch – Gene Wilder

Kids, this is what happens to you when you eat too many Everlasting Gobstoppers. The original Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder is looking a little frayed around the edges these days, but he’s still alive and kicking, as seen here signing his new book The Woman Who Wouldn’t. Gene will be 75 in June! Tweet

Spitzer Girl's MySpace Page

Looking for Ashley Alexander Dupré’s MySpace page? Supposedly this is it. Its got all her (now famous) photos and a single song. She’s listed under MySpace Music. Apparently she is/was an aspiring singer. My guess is, she’ll probably get some kind of deal now. Rumor has it Penthouse is already looking at her to do […]

Steve-O On Suicide Watch

Jackass star Steve-O is apparently on suicide watch, according to Star Magazine. He was rushed to Thalians Mental Health Center and put on a 72-hour hold, which has now been extended to 14 days. “Steve is stabilized on meds at this point,” the source told Star. “He was also treated for burns on his skin […]

'Lost Boys 2' and 'Hulk' Trailers

As this site has somehow become a video dump this past week, I figured, what the hell, here’s a few more. This time we bring you the trailers for two summer movies you will see, and wish you hadn’t. First off, we have Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. This seems completely unappealing, save for the […]

Britney Gets Animated

Britney Spears’ latest music video for her song Break the Ice is all animated. I’m guessing the reason is due to the fact Real Britney can’t even put her pants on by herself, let alone get it together to complete something as complicated as a three minute music video. Actually, Animated Britney is pretty hot. […]