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Happy New Year!

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Holidays and Stuff.

Hey folks, I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks, but hopefully we’ll be back on track here in the next few days, or maybe in the new year. Hang in there! Tweet

"Ya gone smell-blind, son!" – First 10 Min's of 'Dewey Cox'

Check out the first ten minutes of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story online, starring John C. Reilly, and spoofing like, every musical-great biopic, including Walk the Line and Ray. This one might be good. Watch here. Tweet

Jessica Alba is Pregnant

In this photo we see Jessica Alba practicing for what her life is going to be like in eight months. She’s gonna have a big ol’ basketball-belly. Yeah, thats right, Ms. Alba is pregnant with boyfriend Cash Warren’s love child. “I can confirm that Jessica and Cash are expecting a baby in late spring, early […]

Buy Gary Coleman's Car!

Interested in celebrity memorabilia? Whatchutalkin’ ’bout Willis? I’m talking about Gary Coleman’s car. Arnold Drummond’s used Saturn Sky roadster is up for auction on eBay, with bidding currently at $25,000. What you all are looking at is The famous Gary Coleman’s 2007 Saturn Sky. This Roadster is the coolest car out in the market and […]

Ike Turner Dies

US soul legend Ike Turner, the former husband of Tina Turner, has died at the age of 76. He died at his home near San Diego, California. There was no immediate word on the cause of death. He rose to fame in the 1960s, and is best remembered for his musical partnership and stormy marriage […]

Kiefer Sutherland Goes to Jail

Joining the laundry list of Hollywood actors doing time, Kiefer Sutherland will be spending 48 days in a Glendale jail cell.  Kiefer checked himself in to Glendale City Jail yesterday, where he took an outstanding mug shot that looks like a college student’s art project. Apparently the camera was out of film and they had […]

Mary Carey Auctions Implants

Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer? Perhaps I could interest you in Mary Carey’s implants. The porn star / gubernatorial candidate is auctioning off her used breast implants on eBay. The bidding is currently at about $530.00, so if you’re the owner of a casino and want to add a porn star’s old boobs […]

Moby Says Stuff

Moby (who looks a lot like this bartender at a bar I used to go to) has finally commented on Britney Spears’ head shaving incident. Apparently news travels slow in the indie-rock-hiphop-dj world because that whole head-shave thing was like, six months ago wasn’t it?  Anyway, here are Moby’s words of wisdom. “What I don’t […]