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Blog Bugs

Stand by, as the blog is under some sort of trip to a new server. It appears most of it has arrived,but its still waiting for its photos to show up in baggage claim. Also Jack is on vacation this week, so posts may be minimal. Thanks! Tweet

Chris Crocker Gets TV Deal

Why do I waste my time writing on this crappy website, when I could be living in my parents’ basement, putting on bad makeup and crying into a webcam? Apparently thats the way to go to get noticed by Hollywood execs. *sigh* Reality shingle 44 Blue Prods. has inked a development deal with Chris Crocker, […]

Back to the Well

Anybody that ever did anything, ever, is bringing it back. Just look at OJ, for example. So why not bring back Spaceballs, and turn it into an animated series? Tweet

Alicia Silverstone Poses for PETA

Alicia Silverstone..blahblahblahblah … posing … blahblahblahblahblah … naked…. blahblahblahblah … PETA …. blahblahblahblahblah … you and I both know damn well you don’t care about the words, just look at the damn photo. Tweet

Barry Manilow Hates Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Say what you will about Barry Manilow’s music, but personally, I this guy just got moved from the “Sucks” section of my book, to the “Rules” section. Barry canceled his appearance on The View because, like the rest of the sane people in America, he can’t stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Barry says, “I wanted to let […]

Zoe Saldana Joins 'Star Trek' Prequel

Variety reports Zoe Saldana has signed on to star as Lt. Uhura in the latest Star Trek flick. This one being a cast of young characters in their early days of Starfleet. Zoe will be joining Zachary Quinto of Heroes, who will play  young Spock, and Anton Yelchin who will play young Checkov. Leonard Nimoy […]

Some Crazy Guy Wants to Kill Britney and Madonna

Some Palestinian nutjob has declared war on Britney and Madonna until they convert to Islam. (Muhammad) Abdel-Al rants, “If I meet these whores I will have the honor–I repeat, I will have the honor–to be the first one to cut the heads off Madonna and Britney Spears if they will keep spreading their Satanic culture […]

Flying Car…Sorta

Wanna know what your local fire department does in its free time? Those guys watch a lot of movies, eat, work out, pose for those calendars that you ladies love so much…oh yeah, and attach hoses to a car to make it fly off the ground. – Watch more free videos Tweet

Speaking of Pam Anderson…

Kid Rock has made a statement of two about why he decked Tommy Lee last week at the MTV VMA’s. “It’s been going on for five years. I did what any man would do, any man across the country, across the world would do, it kills me just to be associated with, to have my […]