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Picard’s ABC’s

Yeah, its a slow day, which means you get fun little videos like this one, of Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard singing some screwy alphabet song. Enjoy. Tweet

Crazy Japanese Video of the Day

Oh no. I hope Michael Bay doesn’t get any ideas. The last thing we need is Transformers doing karaoke in the next movie. Tweet

Courtney Love Chimes In

The ever-so-sane Courtney Love has something to say about Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt. She blames British funny-man Steve Coogan for pulling Wilson into his party lifestyle and leading him into depression and drugs. Lady Loudmouth has this to say: “Under normal circumstances I would not comment but I care too much about Owen. “I went […]

Leona Helmsley Was Mean and Crazy

Leona Helmsley’s dog can now afford to have its balls reattached in the form of 500 carat diamonds. The recently deceased Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, has left her dog named Trouble, $12 million. Helmsley didn’t completely turn over a new leaf in her later years, however – two of the family members to whom […]

Hey Russ, Remember This One?

Here’s one that could have come from Senator Larry Craig’s video collection. Its either 80s gay porno, or a churchy propaganda film. I only made it about half way through, so let me know. Either way its got Russell Crowe in a leather vest. Tweet

Jessica Alba Has Perfect Walk

Jessica Alba has the perfect walk, according to a bunch of über-geeks, who apparently have the best job in the entire world. Read this blurb from the study done on what makes a woman’s walk sexy, while I try to pinpoint the exact comment for something so incredibly ridiculous. The academics found that it is […]

Michael Vick is Sorry.

Michael Vick has this to say about his recent doggy abuse scanadal: “I wanna apologize for all the things that I’ve done and I’ve allowed to happen… I want to apologize to all the young kids out there for my immature acts. What I did was very immature, so what that means is I have […]

Owen Wilson Suicide Update

According to 911 logs dug up by Extra!, it appears Owen Wilson did in fact attempt to take his own life, after some sort of argument. Sources told The Post that Wilson tried to take his own life after a bitter blowup with a close pal. The log, first obtained by Extra TV, shows the […]

Gene Simmons Says Stuff

“I have been deluged with new emails saying some very nice things. Thank you. But, seriously girls, I AM NOT MARRIED!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED. I HAVE NO INTENTION OF EVERY GETTING MARRIED. It shocks me that women keep saying ‘your wife’… and can’t get it through their heads there IS NO wife. Never […]

Owen Wilson Attempts Suicide?

Its just all good news tonight! Sheesh. Actor/Funny Nose Guy,  Owen Wilson has reportedly attempted to take his own life. According to The National Enquirer and Perez Hilton, his brother Andrew found him with his wrists slashed and he appeared to have overdosed on some unknown pills. Wilson was transported to St. John’s hospital in […]