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News You Don’t Care About

And now the news no one gives a flying rat’s ass about. has confirmed that The Simple Life will not be picked up for another season by the E! Network. Apparently Paris and Nicole’s real lives are much more interesting than anything scripted for television. Britney and Kfed’s divorce is final, y’all! TMZ has […]

Good News Everyone! ‘Futurama’ Returns!

Comic-Con and all its glorious good news, has brought us more geek goodness to get excited about. Creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen have announced four full length straight to dvd movies are in the works, and are due out this fall. According to the brain trust, all the principal writers, producers, and original […]

Scarlett Johansson Passes on the Porn

First Jessica Simpson turns down porn, now Scarlett? Rumors have been circulating that the hottest woman alive, Scarlett Johansson, would be taking on the role of the hottest porn star alive, Jenna Jameson, in a biopic about the sex starlet’s life. After reports Jameson was smitten with Johansson and wanted her for the role, we […]

Lindsay Lohan Hasselhoff

Lets get today started with a spoof of David Hasselhoff’s shirtless-drunken-burger-video, starring Lindsay Lohan! (warning: has couple of swears) Tweet

Worst Interview Ev-AR

Some people just aren’t cut out for interviewing. Watch Merry Miller of ABC’s “Whats the Buzz” struggle through the longest four minutes of her life, while questioning Holly Hunter. Yikes. – Watch more free videos Tweet

Odd Couple Alert: Joe Pesci and Angie Everheart?

Seriously? Joe Pesci and Angie Everheart are engaged? Wow. This makes me laugh. Its funny. You know, funny like a clown. Like its here to amuse me. Thats what I mean. Thats how its funny. You know, funny because he’s like 223 years old and only comes up to her knees. Something must be wired […]

Papa Simpson Says ‘No’ To Porn

According to Papa Joe Simpson, his daughter Jessica was offered a role to play a porn star in a movie which would “guarantee” her an Academy Award. Unfortunately for us, and Jessica, Joe nixed the idea. Sorry, no little naked man for Jessica and no naked Jessica for us. Thanks again, Creepy Joe. Maybe she’ll […]

Brangelina Packing Up and Leaving?

Brad and Angelina have had it with the spotlight. The couple have purchased a home in Berlin where they plan to retire from showbiz. Apparently all the pressures of being in the public eye have caused Angelina to wither away, and a worried Brad agrees they should just leave it all behind. Brad confided to […]

Depp Goes Gonzo Again

Jesus Christ man! Its about damn time these no good rotten Hollywood monsters got their act together and started spitting out quality films instead of spewing vile reincarnations of shows we’ve all already seen. The good news comes directly from the mouth of the beast itself, Variety magazine, which reports Johnny “The Colonel” Depp, will […]

Paris and Nicole Go Black

What goes better with Monday afternoon lunch than a little Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in black-face? Apparently Hollywood’s most famous jailbird/drunks/sluts had to change their race for some reason or other on a recent episode of The Simple Life. Don’t ask me, I don’t watch that crap. There’s something seriously wrong with these people. […]