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Stan Bush Is Still Making Music

With the Transformers movie coming out next week, I figured you might wanna remember what the original Transformers movie was like, you know, before all your heroes were sponsored by GM. Here we have Stan Bush’s music video for The Touch. Rumor has it Stan not only has a new album coming out on July […]

Ice-T Plans Reality Show

HOORAY! Just what the world needed. Another reality show. And better yet, another married celebrity weirdo couple reality show! Ice-T and his wife Coco are planning one that will demonstrate how a pimp/rapper/actor guy and his chesty wife make a relationship work. The show titled Beauty and the Beast will shoot a pilot next month. […]

Happy iPhone Day!

Being a famous blogger might seem glamorous and all, but the reality is, it just doesn’t pay enough for me to afford the sweet gadgets like the iPhone. Today’s the day it gets released and I really hope no one I know gets one. I don’t want to have to get all jealous and stop […]

Wrestler Deaths Get Weirder

If it weren’t strange enough that wresting superstar Chris Benoit turned up dead along with his entire family, the story just got weirder. Apparently someone in Connecticut reported the death of his wife on Benoit’s Wikipedia webpage 13 hours before the bodies were discovered in Atlanta, Georgia. Employees at said the posting went live […]

‘Gobots’ The Movie (sorta)

This still looks better than the Transformers movie coming out next week. Tweet

Its Official. The End is Near.

Scary, Sporty, Ginger, Baby and Posh made it official today. Thats right, the Spice Girls are reuniting for a comeback tour. Not just any comeback tour. No sir. A world-effing-wide comeback spectacular tour! Posh said: “My main reason for doing this is for my kids – so they can see what mummy used to do. […]

Lohan Was Coked Up During Crash

No big surprises here, but in case you were wondering, yes, Lindsay Lohan was most likely intoxicated when she crashed her Merecedes into some shrubs at 5:30 in the morning, May 26th. According to multiple law enforcement sources, toxicology reports conclude that Lohan, 20, had “nearly twice the legal limit” of alcohol and traces of […]

Paris Hilton On Larry King

If you happened to have missed Paris Hilton on CNN (like I did) and you want to get caught up, you can see the entire bit over on YouTube. From what I hear its just a buncha lies and boo-hoo wah-wah from the Heiress. BWE hits the high points: A lot of people just pretend […]

Paris Hilton Makes People Go Crazy

Which reminds me, don’t forget to watch Paris Hilton’s interview with Larry King tonight on CNN. Tweet

Indiana Jones 4: Day 1

Yeah, so its kind of a slow news day which means lots and lots of videos for you today. Almost as disturbing as the Drunken Stamos video, we have this little clip of the first day shooting on the set of the next Indiana Jones movie. You don’t get to see aging Harrison Ford jumping […]