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The Zimmers

Hands down the best thing I’ve seen all week, and possibly my new favorite band. Ladies and gentlemen, the Zimmers covering The Prodigy’s “Firestarter.” You’re welcome. Tweet

Thunder / Busters

Finally the eternal question has been answered: What would it sound like if AC/DC and Ray Parker Jr. were morphed together? Tweet

Swedish Chef Performs "Popcorn"

For your listening pleasure, Muppets and 70s electronica. Tweet

Enter the Drunken Sandman

If you’re a really crappy Metallica cover band, here’s a tip for you: it’s a good idea to have a really drunk woman around to take the embarrassment away from you’re inability to play music. Tweet

Star Trek Tik-Tok

Oh the Internets are full of hilarious nonsense. Someone spent some time editing old Star Trek episodes to fit with Ke$ha’s “Tik-Tok.” Tweet

Death Metal Louis

Many of you probably didn’t realize Louis Armstrong had a brief stint in his career playing death metal. Here’s some long lost footage of Ol’ Louis rockin’ out “What a Wonderful World.” He definitely had the facial expressions down. Tweet

Katy Perry's Latest

I’ve got two things to say about this new video from Katy Perry: whipped cream shooting boobs, and Snoop Dogg’s gummi bear army. Enjoy. Tweet

Barbershop Ewok Celebration Song

You know the one. The one from the end of ‘Jedi.’ Now hear it in barbershop glory! Tweet

Weezer Snuggie

I’m holding out for the RIvers Cuomo Slapchop. Tweet

Punk Rock Dinosaurs

You know, the problem with bands today is that they don’t have nearly enough punk rock dinosaurs. Pretty much everything about this video is awesomely outrageous. Tweet