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Hulk in Bangladesh

I love watching other countries try to remake our classics. Normally they’re pretty awful, however this time, “HALKa” from Bangladesh, looks about as good as the two terrible attempts Hollywood made. Tweet

Dora the Explorer – Inception

Ok, so, I haven’t seen “Inception” yet, and I don’t watch “Dora the Explorer,” but this is probably funny on some level, right? Tweet

Fans Love "The Last Airbender"

Thinking about going to see M. Night Shyamalamalamalamammamannamalmalnaalalnan’s latest flick, “The Last Airbender?” You may wanna hear what these folks have to say first. Tweet

Middle Earth World Cup

I’m pretty sure the best thing to come out of the World Cup this year is the vuvuzela. Here’s more proof to support my theory. Tweet

Jackie Chan Hates Kids

For your Karate Kid enjoyment, Jackie Chan beating up a bunch of karate kids. More Videos at Tweet

Evil Willy Wonka

FINALLY! A version of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ I can support! Gobstopper Trailer from Gobstopper Movie Tweet

'Empire Strikes Back' – 1950s

Ever wonder what ‘Star Wars’ would look like in the 50s? Well, wonder no more! Tweet

Who Ya Gonna Call?

… Improve Everywhere! Tweet

Ironing Man

For a short little video with really crappy actors, this one has some decent production behind it. Tweet

Nobody Puts Iron Man in a Corner

Iron Man must be making his rounds. Here we see him turning up in this “Dirty Dancing” scene. Tweet