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Angelina..Uh..Soooo..Whatcha Been Up To?

So Brad and Angelina showed up at the Spirit Awards a couple days ago. Did I miss the pregnancy announcement or what? Tweet

Brangelina Adopting Another Kid?

Brad and Angie are at it again. Apparently four kids aren’t enough. Rumors are circulating Angelina is heading back to Africa to pick out another child to help complete her international Brady Bunch. A source says: “Angie in particular feels very strongly that while Shiloh will grow up seeing the family resemblance between herself and […]

Brangelina Packing Up and Leaving?

Brad and Angelina have had it with the spotlight. The couple have purchased a home in Berlin where they plan to retire from showbiz. Apparently all the pressures of being in the public eye have caused Angelina to wither away, and a worried Brad agrees they should just leave it all behind. Brad confided to […]

Angelina Wasting Away?

Sources close to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt say Angie may have joined the “Nicole Richie Skeletal Actress Club.” A family insider claims when Brangelina came to visit, she only ate a few grapes for dinner and nothing for breakfast the next day. A second family insider says the 5-foot-8 actress is down to just […]

White Trash Version of Angelina Jolie

Tiffany Claus is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame. Why is she famous? Oh, because she looks like Angelina Jolie…kinda. The makers of the new TV show Clones thought so. She even has her own version of Billy Bob Thornton for a fiancĂ©. My favorite part is Tiffany walking around in what appears to be […]