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Jessica Simpson May Get Naked

Jessica Simpson may have just realized she only has two talents. A left one, and a right one, and she may be willing to finally start using them. Jessica is reportedly¬† reconsidering her “no nudity” rule now that her music career is tanking and her movie career is non-existent. A source said: “Jessica is in […]

Papa Simpson Says ‘No’ To Porn

According to Papa Joe Simpson, his daughter Jessica was offered a role to play a porn star in a movie which would “guarantee” her an Academy Award. Unfortunately for us, and Jessica, Joe nixed the idea. Sorry, no little naked man for Jessica and no naked Jessica for us. Thanks again, Creepy Joe. Maybe she’ll […]

Jessica Simpson Says Stuff

“I’ve had none. But maybe after having kids, if my boobs dropped down to my belly button, I would get them lifted. … Maintenance. But you know, my boobs are real.” – Jessica Simpson on plastic surgery Tweet