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Darth Vader's Secret Talent

You thought you knew everything about Darth Vader, what with all the prequel nonsense. Did you know he had a musical talent? It’s TRUE! The internet wouldn’t lie, would it? Tweet

Tiffani Thiessen is Busy

I’m guessing I’m not the only one wondering why Tiffani Thiessen hasn’t turned up on the Jimmy Fallon show for the ‘Saved By the Bell’ reunion. Here she addresses why that is. Tiffani Thiessen is Busy from Tiffani Thiessen Tweet

George Clooney Watched '2 Girls, 1 Cup'

Let me preface this story by stating, if you haven’t seen the video in question, I certainly don’t recommend you run out and find it. If you do, what you see is your own fault. You’ve been warned. That said, Esquire magazine sat down with the Cloonis to discuss his enjoyment of watching viral videos […]

"Dear Jimmy, From Snapple"

Following the hilarious “F**king Matt Damon,” bit Sarah Silverman did on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last week, Snapple has issued this statement to poor ol’ Jimmy: Hey Jimmy, Heard that you found out about Sarah f*king Matt Damon. Sorry you had to find out that way and that my sublime flavor blinded you to Sarah’s […]

Chris Crocker: Intenet Crybaby (take two)

Earlier in the week I attempted to post, the now insanely viral video of Chris Crocker whining and crying about how badly Britney Spears is getting bashed in the media. “LEAVE BRITNEY SPEARS ALLOOOOONNNNE!” still echoes in my head. Unfortunately, the two swear words he used were too much this time, and the powers-that-be removed […]

“I’m Livin’ a Nightmare!”

Here’s a classic clip of a young Stephen Colbert from the short lived, but hilarious, Dana Carvey Show. Tweet

Optimus Prime Can’t Get Insured

Dear Mr. Prime, We have received your accident-claim reports for the month of June—they total 27. I regret to inform you that GEICO will not be able to reimburse you for any of those repairs. I feel that I have sent the same letter to you once a month for the last six months, and […]