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Amy Winehouse is Waxy

Amy Winehouse has been turned to wax over at Madame Tussauds over in London. Just in time too, as you never know when she might drop dead these days. Tweet

Amy Winehouse Siting

Here we have the wild Winehouse in its natural habitat. This particular Winehouse was spotted hiding in the bushes outside the local medical clinic, where it was previously seen scrounging for used needles which it will use for various intravenous narcotics. Tweet

Amy Winehouse is DENIED

Our favorite video crackhead, Amy Winehouse, seems to be having some trouble getting in to the United States. TMZ reports: Uncle Sam does not, not, not want Amy Winehouse! TMZ has learned the cracked-out singer will not perform at this year’s Grammy Awards because her visa has been denied. After the decision came down, her […]