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Andy Dick Arrested

Oh that Andy Dick! Always the merry prankster.  Dick was arrested this morning for molesting a 17 year old girl, and taking a leak outside a Buffalo Wild Wings.  Oh, and he drugs in his pocket too. Duh. Around 1:15 AM this morning cops tell us they responded to a report of a person peeing […]

Paula Abdul Continues to be Crazy

Apparently Paula Abdul and Britney Spears are drinking from the same water fountain. According to Radar Online, the American Idol judge had some sort of fit at LAX over the holidays. Says a tipster who saw her in the Continental Airlines terminal: “She had an insane nervous breakdown that lasted 10 minutes. One minute she […]

Kiefer Sutherland Goes to Jail

Joining the laundry list of Hollywood actors doing time, Kiefer Sutherland will be spending 48 days in a Glendale jail cell.  Kiefer checked himself in to Glendale City Jail yesterday, where he took an outstanding mug shot that looks like a college student’s art project. Apparently the camera was out of film and they had […]

Amy Winehouse Is A Class Act

This next bit should come with a warning. If you just ate, or are in the process of eating, just skip it. Granted, ALL Amy Winehouse stories should probably come with a warning, but this one is a chart topper. You’ve been warned, if you’re not a fan of bloody vomit, keep on truckin’ amigo. […]


Owen Wilson has returned home, after being hospitalized for an apparent suicide attempt. He’s “doing very well” a source says. Wes Anderson, friend and director of Wilson’s latest film, The Darjeeling Limited, had this to say: “We all miss having him here very much. Obviously, he has been through a lot this week,” Anderson told […]

Lohan Inspired Sale

Lindsay Lohan’s latest DUI/drug bust has inspired online porn distributors SugarDVD to have a sale. If you’re a fan of dirty films with red-heads, you may want to take advantage of the “Firecrotch DUI DVD Special,” in which all vids featuring haired girls are now 50% off. But hey, don’t feel guilty feeding your […]

Lindsay Lohan Goes for Two!

I guess that alcohol alert bracelet Lindsay Lohan’s been wearing didn’t do a whole lot. Lindsay was busted this morning for her second DUI in three months. This sounds pretty bad: According to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept., 21-year-old Lohan was nailed around 2:15 AM near Pico Boulevard and Main Street early Tuesday morning. Lindsay […]

Lindsay Lohan Gets Booked

Now that we’re done with the Paris Goes to Jail fiasco, we can look forward to Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail fiasco. Hooray! Linds turned herself over to police on Friday and was charged with DUI for car crash in May. According to the official Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department website, Lohan was held in custody […]

John Stamos Drunk in Oz

Everyone’s favorite “Uncle Jesse” (not the one from the Dukes of Hazzard) appeared on an Australian morning talk show after seemingly drinking the entire mini bar in his hotel room. John Stamos sat in on the popular Mornings with Kerri-Ann Kennerley where he somehow managed to get more and more drunk as the show went […]

Bush “Sick” This Morning

The photo here was taken yesterday, which shows George Bush having what appears to be a beer. I’m sure it was nonalcoholic, or possibly even apple juice. There’s no way Mr. President could be off the wagon could there? Well strangely enough, he was too sick this morning to attend several meetings over at the […]