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Christmas On The Internet: Jingle Cats

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the infamous Jingle Cats. Normally I’d kinda pass on this, but for some reason this particular video turned my brains to grits and made me sit here watching it for two minutes and 39 seconds. I think it was the Harmonica Cat that did it for me. Tweet

Christmas On The Internet: Charlie Brown Ad Agency Christmas

Its probably funnier if you know how an ad agency works, because its pretty much like this. Dark, yo. Dark. Tweet

Christmas On The Internet: Raging Rudolph

From MAD TV, a parody of the holiday claymation classic. Tweet

Christmas On The Internet: Star Wars Holiday Special

Moving right along to arguable the best or worst holiday special that isn’t supposed to exist, we have the Star Wars Holiday Special. Rather than make you suffer through two ours of that crap, here’s a highlight – Bea Aurthur singing in the Cantina. (It was this one or Carrie Fisher singing) Tweet

Christmas On The Internet: 2008 Year in Review

Continuing on.. here we have JibJab’s 2008 Year in Review: Tweet

Christmas On The Internet: Korean Kid Sings Mariah Carey

Chances are no one’s around to watch this crap, being that its Christmas Eve and all. But since Uncle Scrooge is making me work, I’m giving you this for Christmas. Tweet