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Lindsay's Lesbian Wedding

Hey, remember Lindsay Lohan? I guess she’s a lesbian now.  Is that what happens when you go to rehab? Anyhow, she’s getting married to her chick-friend or something. Those crazy kids. I can reveal that Lindsay will come out and declare her eternal love for sweetheart SAM RONSON at a private ceremony in LA later […]

Gary Coleman and 22 Year Old Wife on Divorce Court

Who would have figured. Gary Coleman’s marriage is on the rocks. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this zit on my head longer than these two have been together. Well, now they’re taking their troubles to the world famous Divorce Court. Lets take a peek. Tweet

Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout??

And now, the most ridiculous story of the day, and a most ridiculous photo to go with it. Gary Coleman is secretly married!  According to an interview with Inside Edition, Gary, 40, has been secretly married to a 22 year old red headed woman named Shannon Price, since August of last year. Coleman tells INSIDE […]

Eddie Murphy and Wife Split

In Hollywood terms, three weeks of marriage is considered a Silver Anniversary. Eddie Murphy and his wife of two weeks fell juuuust shy of their’s. Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were wed in Bora Bora on January 1, 2008, but decided against making the union legal in the U.S.. Eddie released this statement: “After much consideration […]

Pamela Anderson is Married…again.

Oh that Pam Anderson. She’s such…whats the word? Um…hmm. I probably can’t say it here, but she’s done gone and married another sleezebag. Pamela Anderson has said “I do” for the third time to longtime pal Rick Salomon. The pair tied the knot Saturday night in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel before Anderson’s children […]

Amy Winhouse Likes to Fight

Amy Winehouse is giving Britney Spears a run for her money as the Queen of Trash. According to Perez Hilton, Winehouse was cutting herself in a hotel room, and about to do some drugs with a hooker, when her husband busted in to stop her. A balls-out fist fight broke out between the two and […]

Bizarre Couple of the Day

Somebody queue up the “If They Mated” machine, because this new celebrity couple is going to have hilarious babies. According to Contact Music, D-lister Kathy Griffin and Apple Co-Founder Steve “the Woz” Wozniak are dating. Apparently Woz was taken with Griffin after he saw her perform her stand-up act recently. Well, at least their offspring […]

Odd Couple Alert: Joe Pesci and Angie Everheart?

Seriously? Joe Pesci and Angie Everheart are engaged? Wow. This makes me laugh. Its funny. You know, funny like a clown. Like its here to amuse me. Thats what I mean. Thats how its funny. You know, funny because he’s like 223 years old and only comes up to her knees. Something must be wired […]