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Woody Harrelson Thinks Zombies are Real

Woody Harrelson is the ultimate character actor, or possibly just a crazy person. After a scuffle with a TMZ photographer at a New York airport, Woody had this to say about the incident: “I wrapped a movie called ‘Zombieland,’ in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very […]

Batman Arrested

Batman star, Christian Bale was arrested upon allegations the assaulted his mother and sister. Nice. LONDON – Christian Bale on Tuesday denied allegations of assault made by his mother and sister, hours after the star of “The Dark Knight” was arrested, questioned by London police and released. The 34-year-old Bale spent four hours at a […]

Andy Dick Arrested

Oh that Andy Dick! Always the merry prankster.  Dick was arrested this morning for molesting a 17 year old girl, and taking a leak outside a Buffalo Wild Wings.  Oh, and he drugs in his pocket too. Duh. Around 1:15 AM this morning cops tell us they responded to a report of a person peeing […]

Gary Coleman and 22 Year Old Wife on Divorce Court

Who would have figured. Gary Coleman’s marriage is on the rocks. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this zit on my head longer than these two have been together. Well, now they’re taking their troubles to the world famous Divorce Court. Lets take a peek. Tweet

Gilligan's 'Mary Ann' Busted With Pot

Now sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of … Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, getting busted with dope in her car after leaving a birthday party. She was sentenced Feb. 29 to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation after pleading guilty to one […]

Eddie Murphy and Wife Split

In Hollywood terms, three weeks of marriage is considered a Silver Anniversary. Eddie Murphy and his wife of two weeks fell juuuust shy of their’s. Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were wed in Bora Bora on January 1, 2008, but decided against making the union legal in the U.S.. Eddie released this statement: “After much consideration […]

The (Crazy) Train Just-a-Keeps On Rollin'

Britney Spears showed up late to her custody hearing, only to get out of the car, walk around to the other side, get back in, and then leave. When Britney got out of the car at the courthouse, she screamed at photogs, “Move back, I’m scared. Stop it, stop it. I want to get back […]

Mary J. Blige Named as Steroid User

Mary J. Blige and several other A-listers were named as steroid users, in an ongoing investigation, according to the Albany Times Union. The R&B singer leads a roster of entertainers named in a probe by Albany County District Attorney David Soares, the Times Union reported. Rappers 50 Cent, Timbaland and Wyclef Jean and actor Tyler […]

Willie Aames Robbed at Gunpoint

Willie Aames, aka Buddy Lembeck (Charles in Charge), aka Bibleman and his son were held up at gunpoint last night in Hollywood. At around 10:00 PM last night in Hollywood, a man wearing a black jacket and blue jeans approached Willie and Christopher, pulled a gun and demanded money. They forked over a wallet and […]

Suri Cruise Is Made of L Ron Hubbard's Sperm?

Boy I hate to touch these Scientology stories. I don’t wanna wake up one day and find a Tom Cruise staring down over me with a pitchfork at my throat… or a $100 million dollar lawsuit on my head. Tom is planning to sue Andrew Morton for his latest book, which claims Katie Holmes was […]