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Keyboard Cat vs Colbert

Oh Keyboard Cat. You’re so famous you’re on the Daily Show now! Don’t konw Keyboard Cat? Check out a couple videos, as well as his mention Comedy Central. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c Daily/Colbert – Keyboard Cat Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis Political Humor Tweet

Celebrity Deathwatch: Farrah Fawcett

What would Charlie do without this angel? Contrary to popular speculation, 62 year old Farrah Fawcett is not dead yet! Sure she has anal cancer which possibly has spread to her liver, but friends say she’s not ready to become a REAL angel just yet. Sources close to Ms. Fawcett explain her recent trip to […]

Celebrity Deathwatch: Billy Graham

Accept Jesus into your heart and acknowledge that the Rev. Billy Graham is still alive! While he did not invent the Graham cracker, he’s been around nearly as long. On November 7th, Billy will be a spry 90 years young! Happy early birthday Billy! (in case you don’t make it.) Tweet

Cher To Be Next Catwoman?

Ok, so admittedly, I thought Heath Ledger as the Joker was a bad idea. I was wrong. But really? 132 year old Cher as Catwoman? How can that possibly be a good idea?? The 62-year-old singer and actress is reported to be in talks to play Catwoman opposite Christian Bale in the third Batman film […]

Celebrity Deathwatch – James Garner

Born James Scott Bumgarner in Norman, Oklahoma, James was often forced to dress as a girl in public until his step-mother finally left his father and brothers following a fight which nearly ended in someone getting killed (thanks Wikipedia!) He changed his name to Garner after being credited incorrectly in a film. You know him […]

Celebrity Deathwatch – Tony Curtis

You’ll remember Tony Curtis from such movie classics as Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe, and .. um… er.. Lobsterman From Mars .. and.. uh.. The Bad News Bears Go to Japan. Mostly you know Tony Curtis as the father of Jamie Lee Curtis. This June, Tony will be a mere 83 years young! […]

Celebrity Deathwatch – Gene Wilder

Kids, this is what happens to you when you eat too many Everlasting Gobstoppers. The original Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder is looking a little frayed around the edges these days, but he’s still alive and kicking, as seen here signing his new book The Woman Who Wouldn’t. Gene will be 75 in June! Tweet

Steve-O On Suicide Watch

Jackass star Steve-O is apparently on suicide watch, according to Star Magazine. He was rushed to Thalians Mental Health Center and put on a 72-hour hold, which has now been extended to 14 days. “Steve is stabilized on meds at this point,” the source told Star. “He was also treated for burns on his skin […]

Patrick Swayze Diagnosed With Cancer

Well this is just no way to start a Wednesday morning. According to the ever-popular National Enquirer, which hasn’t always been totally wrong, Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which has spread to his other organs, and has been given just five weeks to live. For the past month, Patrick, 55, has been […]

Celebrity Deathwatch – Britney Spears

She’s not dead yet, but according to TMZ, the Associated Press already has her obit written. I figured that was good enough reason to make our dear friend, Britney Spears (and all her personalities) the latest addition to Celebrity Deathwatch. TMZ spoke to AP Entertainment Editor Jesse Washington who confirmed the news. Washington told Us […]