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Criss Angel Cheats With Cameron Diaz

When she’s not offending entire countries, Cameron Diaz is apparently wrecking the homes of famous turdball magicians. Illusionist Criss Angel’s “secret” estranged wife, Joanne Sarantakos, claims Diaz and Angel have been having an affair, and she is now filing for divorce. Sarantakos – who hired a private investigator to see if Criss was being unfaithful […]

There’s Something About Maoist Shining Path Insurgency

Cameron Diaz has managed to upset the people of Peru, while visiting Machu Picchu this week. Diaz has been carrying around an olive green bag with a red star on it, and “Serve the People” written in Chinese. Big deal you say? Well it is to the good people of Peru, as it reminds them […]