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80s Cartoons That Should Be Movies

With all the crap coming out of Hollywood these days – the “Viewmaster” movie, and “TJ Hooker” being the latest announcements – perhaps someone should take a tip from this little gem the internet has given us. Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips Tweet

Hayden Turns 18

Happy birthday Hayden Panettiere! She’s now legal to have sex with all you 30 old geeks who drool all over her while watching Heroes, even though she’d never give you the time of day. Bring on the home porn/coke parties/rehab! Tweet

Happy Birthday Hunter S. Thompson

The Good Doctor would have been 70 today. Tweet

Happy Birthday Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan turns 21 today. Happy Birthday Lilo. You’re finally old enough to have that first drink with the adults! What will you do? So many choices of alcohol and you want that first drink to be special, right? I mean, its your FIRST DRINK EVER, right?! You’ll always remember your 21st birthday as that […]