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Mad Men in the 70s

How long can this show go on? Will Don and Co. make it to the 70s? If so it might go something like this. Tweet

"The Walking Dead"

Ah good, AMC is using all it’s Mad Men money to make another good show – WITH ZOMBIES! Tweet

"The Expendables" on Jimmy Kimmel

Well, look at that! Dolph Lundgren DOES have a sense of humor! Tweet


What do you get when you combine all the “CSI’s,” “NCIS’s,” and “SVU’s” into one awesome show? You get “NTSF:SD:SUV.” Tweet

Dora the Explorer – Inception

Ok, so, I haven’t seen “Inception” yet, and I don’t watch “Dora the Explorer,” but this is probably funny on some level, right? Tweet

R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar of “American Splendor” fame has passed at the age of 70. Here he is losing his mind on Letterman. Tweet

Star Trek Tik-Tok

Oh the Internets are full of hilarious nonsense. Someone spent some time editing old Star Trek episodes to fit with Ke$ha’s “Tik-Tok.” Tweet

Happy Captain Picard Day!

Hey nerds! It’s Stardate 47457.1, or the equivalent of June 16th, which means it’s also Captain Picard Day! Maybe this clip from The Next Generation will clear things up for you. Or not. Tweet

"LOST's" Lost Ending

Supposedly deemed “too provocative” for audiences, this lost alternate ending to “LOST” was allegedly pulled at the last minute. I’m not sure I’m buying it. Tweet

Robocop Fried Chicken

What do you get when you combine Robocop with the end theme of ‘Back to the Future 3’ and fried chicken? THIS! Tweet