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Tom Cruise in Talks For 'Top Gun II'

After consulting with the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise has decided its time for Top Gun II. Cruise, 46, is in talks with studio bosses to reprise his role as Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in a long-awaited follow-up. An insider tells The Sun: ‘The idea is Maverick is at the Top Gun school […]

Katie Holmes is Sad

Apparently Katie Holmes isn’t thrilled about the Tom “Crazy Guy” Cruise Scientology videos going around the internetters. According to MSN she’s on the verge of a breakdown. Maybe she can get a room with Britney. A distraught Katie Holmes has stormed out of a crisis meeting with her husband Tom Cruise, furious over damaging publicity […]

Jerry O'Connell Spoofs Tom Cruise

Jerry O’Connell gives us this hilarious spoof on Tom Cruise’s Scientology video. Tweet

A Message From Tom Cruise

Here’s a message from your friendly neighborhood Scientologist, Tom Cruise, when he was awarded some kinda Scientologist award for Valor back in 2006. Watch it before it disappears. Or before I disappear. Tweet

Tom Cruise is Swell

Tom Cruise is like Superman. He comes from a distant planet, no one can hurt him, and he’s always saving people from certain death. Why, just a few weeks ago he did this: Tom Cruise can now add hero to his already impressive resume. On December 30, Tom was driving his Hummer near his home […]

Suri Cruise Is Made of L Ron Hubbard's Sperm?

Boy I hate to touch these Scientology stories. I don’t wanna wake up one day and find a Tom Cruise staring down over me with a pitchfork at my throat… or a $100 million dollar lawsuit on my head. Tom is planning to sue Andrew Morton for his latest book, which claims Katie Holmes was […]

Germans Don’t Love Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is getting more heat for his upcoming movie Valkyrie, in which he portrays a Nazi soldier. First the film crew was denied access to several locations in Germany, and now the leading church in Germany has compared Cruise himself to a Nazi. Thomas Gandow, chief spokesman on religious cults for the German Protestant […]

First Shot of Tom Cruise in ‘Valkyrie’

Rejected Captions: “So long Katie, I’m off to work!” I didn’t know Tom Cruise was in Starship Troopers. Nazi Uniform? Check. Suitcase bomb? Check. Eyepatch? Check. Now all we need is the hook for a hand and we’ll have the perfect villain. Tom Cruise arrives for his first day of work at stalag 13. “HOOGGAAN!” […]

Germany Denies Tom Cruise

The makers of Tom Cruise’s latest film, Valkyrie, are going to have to find somewhere else to film, as German officials have decided not to allow filmmakers to shoot in any German military locations. The reason is that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist and according to Reuters,  Berlin believes Scientology “masquerades as a religion to […]

Tomkat Expecting #2?

Did I miss some giant celebrity orgy somewhere? What the hell? I’m seriously getting tired of posting celebrity baby news. I could probably get someone to start a whole new blog dedicated to celebrities getting pregnant. Er..there probably already IS a site dedicated to the GETTING PREGNANT part..I meant..BEING pregnant..whatever. ANYHOW, The Sun Online is […]