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Darth Vader And Me

I gather this is a commercial for a cell phone coming out of Japan, but all I get out of this is, “Hey! I can do anything with a Darth Vader by my side!” Tweet

Ben Kenobi: Private JedEye

There’s no end in sight for the Star Wars spoofs. Here’s another, where Obi Wan changes his name and becomes a private investigator. Tweet

Wastin' Away on Tatooine

Oh you’ll want to look away, but you won’t be able to. Yeah, someone took the time and made this Jimmy Buffet parody song. You know what it is. Tweet

Luke Is Still Learning

Luke Skywalker has a little trouble on that first lightsaber attempt. Tweet

Silent Star Wars

Oh the Internets is full of creative people. Here’s some “Star Wars” if it’d been done in the early 1900s. Tweet

Blackstar Warrior

Someone spent some time coming up with this sweet exploitation-style Lando Calrissian movie trailer. Lando is a bad mother-SHUT YO MOUTH! Tweet

Every Lightsaber Ignition and Retraction

Because it’s a lazy Sunday, I’m being lazy. Here’s this. Tweet

AT-AT Day Afternoon

I don’ think this is what the Empire had in mind when they designed ’em. They sure are cute when they’re little though, aren’t they? Tweet