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80s Cartoons That Should Be Movies

With all the crap coming out of Hollywood these days – the “Viewmaster” movie, and “TJ Hooker” being the latest announcements – perhaps someone should take a tip from this little gem the internet has given us. Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips Tweet

Keyboard Cat vs Colbert

Oh Keyboard Cat. You’re so famous you’re on the Daily Show now! Don’t konw Keyboard Cat? Check out a couple videos, as well as his mention Comedy Central. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c Daily/Colbert – Keyboard Cat Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis Political Humor Tweet

'Bohemian Rhapsody' on Old Computers

You know what you need on a Monday afternoon? A Queen song performed by computers that are probably older than the song they’re playing. Enjoy. Tweet

Dominos' Special Booger Sandwich

Sometimes I get lazy and order out for food. I mean, who doesn’t, right? So its little videos like this that remind me why I should eat at home more often. Booger sandwich anyone? I wonder if these geniuses still have jobs? Tweet

Celebrity Wax Figure Auction!

Now is your chance to get your hands on your favorite celebrity! Well.. sort of. The Hollywood Wax Museum is liquidating some of their wax dummies to any dummy who will pay several thousand dollars for ’em. Looking through the stock, its like these are the knock-off version of wax people. It’s like when I […]

ArcAttack: Singing Lightning

I went to the website of these guys to try to understand how the hell it works, but I really can’t tell you what I read there. Somehow they create a crazy music and light show from a couple of Tesla Coils. Here’s what it says on the site: ArcAttack employs a unique DJ set […]

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

Letterman gets all the weirdos, I tell you. Evidentally, Joaquin Phoenix was inspired by the likes of Andy Kaufman, and Crispin Glover, when he (sort of) appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. Awkward. But FUNNY! And a couple other awkward Letterman guests. Tweet

Mc Hammer and Ed McMahon Super Bowl Commercial

So there was some sports event on last night… the something Bowl. I dunno. But it had a buncha great commercials. This one with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon for was my favorite. See, its funny because they’re both famous cases of going broke, and they’re hocking their crap for gold. Get it? Tweet

Carl's Super Bowl Picks

Not sure how to bet on the Super Bowl this Sunday? Carl from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” has some suggestions that might just help you out. Tweet

Cher To Be Next Catwoman?

Ok, so admittedly, I thought Heath Ledger as the Joker was a bad idea. I was wrong. But really? 132 year old Cher as Catwoman? How can that possibly be a good idea?? The 62-year-old singer and actress is reported to be in talks to play Catwoman opposite Christian Bale in the third Batman film […]