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Satriale's Sleeps With The Fishes

Satriale’s Meat Market, popular mob hang out on the HBO series The Sopranos, has been torn down, to make way for new condo complex, which will creatively be called The Soprano. Last month, owner Manny Costeira demolished the structure, home to a fictional pork store where TV mobster Tony Soprano and his Jersey crew hung […]

Speaking of ‘Sopranos’ Spoofs…

While we’re in the mood for spoofing the Sopranos, here’s another one. The Pittsburgh Pirates mascots did a reenactment of the famous diner scene. Who knew there were so many Pirates mascots? Apparently along with the Pittsburgh Parrot and Pirate, they also have two dancing pierogies. You may wanna drop some acid before you watch […]

Hillary Clinton Spoofs ‘Sopranos’

Hillary Clinton revealed her new campaign song today in the form of a video spoofing the Sopranos finale. They even got the guy who played Johnny Sack to make a cameo.  Not to ruin anything for you, but I think Bill gets whacked off at the end. Watch the video here. (skip thru the sign […]

Sopranos Finale Revealed …sort of …not really.

More than a week after the Sopranos series finale, rumors and conspiracies are still circulating about what really happened in that Jersey diner during that final scene. I’ve watched that scene a few more times and come up with my own conclusions that clearly point out Tony Soprano did not die. First of all, there […]

Sopranos Finale

If you Tivo’d last night’s Sopranos series finale, and haven’t watched it yet, be warned – SPOILERS AHEAD! After 86 episodes of mobster thrills, the Sopranos came to an end last night with the sound of millions of viewers cursing their cable company. The final scene has Tony Soprano waiting for his (immediate) family at […]