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James Gandolfini Is Scary

In this video from TMZ, James Gandolfini messes around with a fan at the airport, but you can clearly see he’s not exactly thrilled to be there. Tweet

Bjork Freaks Out on Photographer

Iceland’s craziest native, Bjork, freaked out on a photographer at the Aukland International Airport yesterday. This is the second time the singer has attacked a journalist – the last time was in 1996 after a long flight to Thailand. Bjork, who is in Auckland to perform at the Big Day Out on Friday, tore photographer […]

Clooney vs. Fabio

George Clooney and Fabio got into a shoving match last Friday, after one of the women in Fabio’s dining party starting snapping too many photos, and George got pissy. According to numerous eyewitnesses, Clooney, assuming the woman was taking snaps of him, asked her to stop – prompting Fabio to explain that the shots were […]

Amy Winhouse Likes to Fight

Amy Winehouse is giving Britney Spears a run for her money as the Queen of Trash. According to Perez Hilton, Winehouse was cutting herself in a hotel room, and about to do some drugs with a hooker, when her husband busted in to stop her. A balls-out fist fight broke out between the two and […]

Jon Lovitz: 1, Andy Dick: 0

If you didn’t think Jon Lovitz was awesome before, you will after you read this.  According to the New York Post, comedian Jon Lovitz beat the crap out of cokewhore and all around not funny man Andy Dick at and L.A. comedy club. Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada, who witnessed the assault, said, “Jon picked […]